MBCI Welcomes Insurance Institute of Building & Home Safety to Witness In-House Testing

To ensure our products perform as expected, MBCI conducts a variety of tests at our onsite laboratory in Houston, Texas. On April 16, MBCI and our parent company, NCI Building Systems, welcomed several researchers from the Insurance Institute of Building and Home Safety (IBHS) to our Houston headquarters to witness ASTM E1592 testing on MBCI’s standing seam roof panel Double-Lok. This test is designed to evaluate the structural performance of a standing seam roof system under uplift loading experienced by roofs during wind events.IBHS, NCI and MBCI at MBCI Testing Facility

IBHS conducts research to improve loss prevention-related design practices and better understand the risks of insuring buildings and homes.  IBHS’s facilities include a full-scale wind tunnel in South Carolina which recently tested a 30’ wide, 50’ long building by our sister company, Ceco Building Systems, using the same standing seam roof system used in the E 1592 test.  IBHS’s researchers joined our testing to observe how manufacturers test their own products so they may develop design-related loss prevention strategies which can help reduce insurance costs for consumers of metal roofing.

NCI’s Senior Research and Development Engineer Mark Detwiler, who was present at the testing, said “[IBHS] indicated that the test they witnessed reinforced that the industry rigorously tests their roof systems. They also noted that the failure mode they witnessed was consistent with what they have seen in their loss investigations, meaning that the test yields realistic, predictable results.”

Learn more about Double-Lok, ASTM E1592 testing and IBHS and their research efforts.

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