Custom Carport Designs Custom Carport

Custom Carport has been in business for 40 years, and we have bought from MBCI since they started in Salt Lake City. Every time we call in an order, it is promptly produced and ready for us to pick up when promised. We do a lot of very large jobs, like the 800 carport stalls we built for Real Stadium. We depend on MBCI for their quality products, for them to manufacture the job correctly, and to have product ready when we need it.

We have had a very good working relationship with the order desk, shipping and receiving, and management. MBCI is our largest supplier, and as such, our good working relationship with them has been very instrumental in our construction running smoothly. They have helped our business grow, and enabled us to expand into other states.

— Ken Day, Owner, Custom Carport Designs

Read this CASE STUDY to learn how Custom Carport Designs provided 73% of the Real Salt Lake soccer stadium’s electricity by installing solar panels on metal roofing.

All Metals Fabrication All Metals Fabrication

We at All Metals Fabrication would like to express how overwhelmingly pleased we are with MBCI throughout the years of doing business. They have time and again proven they are leaders in their industry.

At the core of our relationship is MBCI’s professional and knowledgeable sales staff which along with superior product knowledge provide accurate delivery dates and follow up in meeting the dates has been essential in making our projects successful. This makes it possible for us to stand behind early commitments through the project.

We look forward to our continued long relationship with MBCI.

Dee Minnoch, All Metals Fabrication

DCD Services, Inc.

I have built over 50 million sq. ft. of self-storage buildings since 1985. In that 31 years I have almost exclusively bought all of my steel components from MBCI. The main reason is that they have never let me down. Yes, there have been problems, but MBCI has ALWAYS addressed those problems head on and immediately.

The best saying I have ever heard said years ago was: “We are dirty on this one, and we will fix it.” And they always have. In 31 years I have never missed a delivery date on almost 2000 projects, and mostly due to my relationship with MBCI. They may not always be the cheapest, but they will always be the best. I learned that lesson a time or two along the way.

Danny Clemons, President, DCD Services, Inc.

East Bay Construction East Bay Construction

Just a quick note to let you know how much we appreciate our partnership with MBCI.

Firstly, we are most appreciative of our sales representative and his proactive approach to our projects. Many sales reps are just there to provide pricing and little else. Ours has experienced the challenges that we face as a construction company and is able to help us resolve current, as well as unforeseen issues.

Several years ago, MBCI was a difficult company to work with. Uncertainty over product, pricing and lead times meant it was risky to have them on board.

In the past couple of years, we have been able to utilize MBCI’s range of products, shipping locations and short lead times to give us an advantage in the self-storage industry. We now enter in to our projects with confidence that MBCI will provide the support and information that we need to concentrate on a successful project.

Kayne Nelson, Vice President, East Bay Construction

Foremost Buildings, Inc. Foremost Buildings

Foremost Buildings, Inc. is a PEMB manufacturer located in Jefferson, WI, and we have shared a successful partnership/relationship with MBCI since the year we first opened our doors in 1995.

By using MBCI’s secondary framing, panels and their vast color selections, we are able to provide our customers with a complete PEMB building package.

Just like Foremost, MBCI is in a very competitive marketplace and although we find that their competitor’s products and pricing are often times very comparable, it is MBCI’s dedication to customer service that sets them apart and above the others.

Congratulations to MBCI on celebrating your 40th Anniversary in 2016.

T. Lindsay Jones, VP Operations, Foremost Buildings, Inc.

GEM Buildings GEM Buildings

MBCI has been a valued partner in the true sense of the word. Their pricing, service and people are the reason we have, and will continue, to do business with MBCI. The people we deal with are committed to knowing the product and are able to get us the information we need in regards to technical aspects, availability, schedule and pricing. We are able to get material sourced throughout the country while dealing with one point of contact. That service simplifies our process.

MBCI is committed to our collective success. One “project” that really comes to mind is MBCI’s willingness to team up with our desire to provide a proprietary standing seam roof system utilizing the Double-Lok® system as its base. The process in bringing the GEM Superior roof system from concept to fruition really shows MBCI’s commitment to a partnership.

Dave Isaacson, S.E., Director of Sales Development & Quality, GEM Buildings

Mako Steel Inc. Mako Steel

We have appreciated the customer service mentality of your employees over our many years working with MBCI. The commitment to our partnership in bringing high quality building materials on schedule to our clients continues to be a primary reason why we buy from your team. The sometimes understated, but true value for us, however, is in dealing with an efficient, responsive, and caring team at MBCI.

A good, problem solving group on your end of the project, saves us time and money – savings that we can pass along to our clients.

Thank you for commitment to your clients. It is much appreciated.

Angie Guerin, National Sales Manager, Mako Steel Inc.

Steel Concepts Steel Concepts

Since our founding in 2007, we have enjoyed a significant partnership with MBCI. MBCI has become a top tier provider for its customer service, product quality, and most importantly, its integrity. THANK YOU to all of the great teammates at MBCI who exemplify the attributes that make MBCI the great company that it is.

With gratitude,

Steel Concepts

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