The MBCI NuRoof® Retrofit Roof System utilizes light-gauge (16 ga. to 12 ga.) steel framing installed over the existing roof’s framing members to create a sloped plane. The existing roof’s physical footprint, framing system and other rooftop conditions will most likely control the new roof’s geometry.

Regardless of whether your roof substrate is steel, wood or concrete, MBCI’s NuRoof® Retrofit Roof System can be employed to satisfy the building owner’s requirements. MBCI has the experience required to design the retrofit framing system that will comply with the original load requirements of the existing roof. Our rigid design process ensures every NuRoof® system will perform as designed. A low-slope application (1/2: to 2:12) is typically driven by economy and designed to discharge rainwater from the roof. High-slope applications (slopes greater than 2:12) are also designed to improve and update the look of an existing building in conjunction with improving the performance of the roof. Once a NuRoof® system has been installed, one of MBCI’s standing seam metal roofs is typically installed over the framing system, creating a ventilated attic space. The proper framing design, metal roof system, insulation package and ventilation are essential components to help reduce your operating costs and allow low maintenance for many years.


Minimum Slope: 1/2: to 2:12

Gauges : 16, 12

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