Net-Zero Energy Buildings

MBCI’s products can be used to implement Net-Zero Energy strategies in two ways: by providing roof and wall systems with excellent thermal and radiative performance, especially by using IMPs, and by providing the best possible surface to host a photovoltaic (PV) array — a metal roof.

Net-Zero Energy is a concept in green building that focuses on achieving a state where the energy being used by the building is expected to be balanced by the energy produced by the building. This is not to be confused with Net-Zero Carbon status, a related but different concept. Consequently, achieving Net-Zero Energy is done through two primary strategies:

  • Reducing the energy used by the building by making it as efficient as possible
  • Maximizing the energy produced by the building, completely offsetting the energy used

Metal cladding systems are very versatile and can be used with any type of insulation system. But what truly separates metal cladding from other types of cladding is that it has very dependable and high SR and TE values and that it features polyurethane foam, one of the most efficient types of insulation, in the form of an insulated metal panel (IMP). Both of these aspects can be used with proper designs to maximize building energy efficiency.

Furthermore, solar photovoltaic systems and solar water heating systems can be installed on a metal roof, penetration-free, resulting in high performance with minimal risk. It should also be noted that metal roofing, known to last 60 years or longer, is the only type of roof that can be expected to outlive the PV system mounted on it, which results in virtually zero maintenance and a very low in-place cost for the roof and PV system together.

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