Roofing & Siding For School Buildings

Create an attractive and long-lasting educational building with metal roofing and siding. Customize your panels by choosing from a variety of color options and panel styles to fit your project’s design and functional needs. Our metal panels can be used in many different educational applications such as:

  • High schools
  • Elementary schools
  • University buildings
  • Community charter schools
  • Performing art centers

MBCI’s metal roofing and siding function as a strong design feature that is durable and requires less maintenance than traditional building materials. Though the cost of installing a metal roof is higher than traditional roofs, the long lifespan and low maintenance of metal roofs will save you money overall.

Educational Data Sheet
MBCI’s high-quality metal building products for schools and educational facilities help improve the energy efficiency and longevity the building. Our metal roof and wall panels are environmentally friendly, require little maintenance with a life span of 60+ years and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Their durability makes them a cost-efficient solution for educational and school buildings.

Types of Educational Building Metal Roof & Wall Panels

7.2 Panel is ideal for carports and walkway canopies, their easy installation means these ribbed steel roof and wall panels allow for fast construction times.

Curved BattenLok® this panel profile is a water-shedding, curved standing seam metal roof system with a 2-inch tall standing seam that is field-seamed during the installation process.

Double-Lok® is a roof panel that is mechanically field-seamed, trapezoidal leg standing seam roof system

Striated insulated wall panels are an excellent choice for conventional flat wall construction

MasterLine 16® is a concealed fastener metal wall panel profile that provides an interesting shadow line enhancing the aesthetics of the panel.

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