Why Use Metal Panels For Commercial Buildings?

Metal roofing panels are a durable and low maintenance option for your next commercial building project. MBCI offers a variety of customization for commercial metal panels like color, materials, styles (such as exposed or hidden fasteners), and more. Regardless of whether you’re designing for a modern, rustic or other style of building, commercial metal roof panels can help you create a visually pleasing building.

Though the upfront costs of commercial metal panels might be more than traditional roofing materials, metal roofs are longer lasting and require less maintenance. These factors reduce the overall lifetime cost of the building’s roof.

Commercial Metal Roof Panels Applications

  • Retail
  • Auction Buildings
  • Educational Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Breweries
  • Gyms
  • Storage Centers
Commercial Data Sheet
MBCI is your trusted partner for both new construction and renovation projects. Our high-quality metal building products deliver long-lasting performance and come in a variety of styles to fit the needs of commercial projects ranging from corporate offices and restaurants to small retail shops, large shopping complexes, product warehouses and more.

Types Of Commercial Metal Panels

  • Corrugated Metal Wall Panels are ideal for a variety of marketplaces and light commercial buildings.
  • 7.2 Panels are excellent choices for carports and walkway canopies.
  • ThermalSafe Panels are rated for its 1-, 2- and 3-hour fire resistance qualities.
  • FlexLoc Panels are the recommended product for a smooth design style with no standing seams and horizontal lines instead of vertical.
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