Project Specs

MBCI Products: 50-mil Duro-Last membrane, EXCEPTIONAL® Metals EM Retro-R® metal roofing panel (Duro-Last is a partner with MBCI)

Location: Baltimore, MD

Color: Polar White

Coverage: 69,649 sq. ft.

General Contractor: Moser Roofing Solutions, Lancaster, PA

Case Study

With a large fleet of 200 container chassis, 170 tractors, and numerous vans and trailers, O.S.T. Trucking offers warehouse and storage facilities, as well as trucking services—making them one of Port of Baltimore’s most prominent trucking firms

When evaluating the roofing options available for an ambitious 2016 overhaul of their 68,000 square-foot warehouse, which featured an aged standing seam metal roofing system, the owners of O.S.T. Trucking called upon Moser Roofing Solutions. Headed by second-generation roofer Josh Moser, Moser Roofing’s professional team offered an ideal solution that allowed O.S.T. to continue full warehouse operations throughout the retrofit project: Retro-R® panels manufactured by MBCI and sold by EXCEPTIONAL® Metals. These metal roofing panels are designed to lay directly over an existing metal roof, eliminating costly disruptions to operations and downtime.


O.S.T. is a trucking warehouse terminal with a complex labyrinth of traffic, forklifts and shipping companies. “It’s very busy and it was crucial that we didn’t disturb their operations,” explained Moser. “It was equally important to keep the facility watertight during the installation process. The overall success of the project required no disruptions by our crews.”

On top of the logistical challenges, the structure itself needed to be addressed. The roof wasn’t built in a straight line, requiring a lot of detail work and tie-ins. The Moser Roofing team had to plan carefully, accounting for the intricacies and complexity of the install and the unusual design of the roof.


To meet the demands of this challenging project, Moser recognized the advantages of installing a new roof as a retrofit overlay and suggested partnering with EXCEPTIONAL® Metals for additional support. The proposed solution featured the EM Retro-R® metal roofing panel, which can be applied directly over an existing PBR or R Panel roof to give buildings a new look and longer life. This exposed fastener system eliminates the roof removal process entirely, ensuring the watertight protection that O.S.T. required throughout the project.

Due to the size of the project, a combination of the Retro-R® panel and white 50-mil. membrane from Duro-Last®was recommended. By connecting with both the EXCEPTIONAL® Metals and Duro-Last® teams, Moser Roofing was able to provide superior products, and timely, expert care and attention at every step of the installation process.

As Moser notes, “On a project this big with so many details, it’s important to take extra steps to ensure that nothing is missed. Both EXCEPTIONAL® Metals and Duro-Last® were there to support our team and made my installation job easier. Plus, they always answered my calls, during and after hours, ensuring I had the information I needed to make the project a success.”

In addition to saving time on the project schedule and maintaining operations, MBCI’s Retro-R® exposed fastening system requires fewer installation accessories, further reducing cost O.S.T. was not only happy with the smooth process and finished product, but they were grateful for the budget awareness and savings that Moser Roofing was able to provide.


Throughout the entire project, Moser Roofing worked closely with EXCEPTIONAL® Metals and Duro-Last® to ensure that planning and preparation was thorough, and the installation process was seamless. By utilizing an overlay system featuring MBCI’s Retro-R® panel and the Duro-Last® membrane, O.S.T. was able to continue their busy operations uninterrupted and realize significant cost savings by avoiding additional tear-off and disposal costs of their original roofing system. Additionally, because of Moser’s exceptional attention to detail and customer service, their work on this project earned them the 2016 Metal Roofing Award from Duro-Last®. Visit Duro-Last’s YouTube page to see a video of this award-winning project featuring MBCI’s Retro-R® panel.

“Working with EXCEPTIONAL® Metals and Duro-Last® is always a pleasure for us,” said Moser. “The high-quality products manufactured by MBCI are built to provide lasting performance, and the team’s customer service makes our job easier. We couldn’t be happier with how this project progressed, and the customer couldn’t be happier with their new roofing system.”

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