Project Specs

MBCI Products: LokSeam®, PBR, PBC

Location: Sealy, TX

Color: Medium Bronze

Coverage: 22,520 sq. ft.

General Contractor: Straight Line Metal Buildings

Case Study

When the president of a successful building company sets out to design and build a home for his own family, you know he will only choose the best quality products. That’s just what Steven Poorman, President of Houston-based Straight Line Metal Buildings, did. As a longtime MBCI customer, Poorman regularly buys panels directly from the metal roofing and products manufacturer and then sells them through his business. Based on his extensive experience serving the construction industry in this capacity, Poorman knew first-hand the aesthetic, durability and cost benefits of using MBCI metal roof panels when constructing his own residence, citing longevity as one of the main reasons behind the choice. He explains, “Metal buildings are the perfect home solution. Metal panels will outlast roof shingles 2-to-1 on a given project. This is my forever home with my family, and I wanted a roof that would last me a lifetime.” Plus, there was the extra boon of the homeowner insurance reduction he received.



In order to construct the home of their dreams, Poorman and his family set their sights on country living. “My daughters run barrels, and so we needed the extra land to have a horse arena, which we couldn’t have living in a subdivision,” Poorman explains. Also, Poorman was frustrated by the fact that in spite of all the known benefits, metal roofs weren’t allowed in the suburban neighborhood where he was previously living, as his homeowners association (HOA) had so many restrictions.

“I was looking for greater flexibility in both design and lifestyle. Living on land out here allowed me the freedom not to have to abide by HOA regulations. This was an important factor for me. I had a vision of what my family’s forever home should be—a celebratory oasis where we could entertain in style, host our friends and family, and live the life we dreamed of. Understanding the industry, there was no other choice for me but to use MBCI metal panels for my own roof,” he says.



Poorman selected three different metal roof panels from MBCI for the project. The architectural design of the home relies heavily on standing seam metal roof panel systems for their beautiful, contemporary appearance. Specifically, the bulk of the structure (15,000 square feet) uses LokSeam® 16-inch panels in a smooth, medium bronze finish. This concealed fastener is one of the most popular choices in the residential roofing industry, and is available in a wide variety of colors. Poorman notes that he chose the LokSeam® standing seam metal roofing panel “to add unique beauty and longevity” to his home.

In technical terms, LokSeam® is a snap-together standing seam roof system with a 1-¾” tall vertical rib, for use on roofs with a minimum slope of 3:12. LokSeam® panels, which are also available in 12-and 18-inch widths, can be installed over open framing or a solid substructure, and are capable of transitioning from roof to fascia with the use of a rib cover. LokSeam® does not require a solid substructure for support.

Additionally, Poorman used 7,500 square feet of MBCI PBR and 20 square feet of MBCI PBC. The PBR metal panel—which is commonly used for a wide variety of architectural, agricultural, commercial and industrial applications—is a structural, exposed fastener panel that can be used for both roof and wall applications. A classic choice, Poorman explains, “the versatility of design with this exposed fastener panel makes it a favorite option for many residential projects.” In addition, the PBR panel can be installed vertically or horizontally for increased energy efficiency. The minimum roof slope for PBR is ½:12.

PBC panels, which can also be used for both roof and wall applications, are attached to structures with exposed fasteners. This corrugated, low-maintenance panel is often used in horizontal applications on walls as it is constructed with unique design interest. These features make it the perfect choice to meet Poorman’s design goals, bringing both design interest and weather resistance to his home.



In addition to the beauty and longevity gained from the metal panels, Poorman’s residence also included many details that suit the family’s lifestyle—including his daughter’s horse arena, dormers, a pool and a quaint, wrap-around country-style porch accented by the project’s metal panels. All of these elements add to the country-style living and entertaining ability that the family wants their home to provide.

In building a home that included all of the family’s needs in one location, Poorman combined the desired aesthetic of homey comfort, the ability to entertain and host guests, and the peace of mind knowing that his home is designed to last a lifetime—all at a cost savings when factoring in the long-term benefits.

Poorman concludes, “I always tell my clients about the tremendous benefits that building with metal brings to their projects—improving the look and durability of their home while allowing them to save money on maintenance and energy costs. I couldn’t imagine not taking my own advice when it came to building and designing a residence for my own family to enjoy. This is what a home should be.”

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