Project Specs

MBCI Products: LokSeam®, CF Architectural, Artisan® Series

Location: Houston, TX

Color: Silver Metallic, Copper Metallic

Coverage: 3,400 sq. ft.

Architect: PDG Architects, Houston, TX

General Contractor: Dyad Construction, Houston, TX

Case Study

Athena Gun Club in Houston is one of the largest facilities of its kind in the United States at 38,000 square feet. For the high-end visitor, Athena Gun Club offers a VIP lounge, complete with a cigar room and leather chairs. The gun club has 26 state-of-the-art lanes equipped with an advanced ventilation system as well as the Action Target Total Containment Trap® and the digital pulley system that combine to provide a seamless shooting experience.


Becoming the premier gun club in Houston took turning an old office warehouse without any complimented areas into the elite space it is now. CEO and co-founder of Athena Gun Club, John Boyert, wanted to create a space that treated other people the way he wanted to be treated. The renovations totaled $4 million, but were heavily backed by more than 28 investors.


PDG Architects worked with Houston-based metal roofing and wall company MBCI and DYAD Construction to create the upscale space that Boyert envisioned. PDG wanted to create a wall that was unique by using 2,500 square feet of MBCI’s LokSeam® panel, which is typically used as a roof panel, in a Signature® 300 Silver Metallic finish. MBCI used 500 square feet of CF Architectural panels in a Copper Metallic Paint Finish to create a smooth wall pattern to simulate a stucco wall with the emblem of the gun club that is a drastic contrast to the Silver Metallic LokSeam® wall. The soffit panel used was 400 square feet of MBCI’s Artisan® L-12 which continues the clean metallic transition with recessed lighting, which at night helps bring out the unique and contemporary design. The marriage of the three panels creates an upscale finish that represents the company perfectly.

Metal was used to create a service-free long term design. Incorporating these panels resulted in a panel application that does not look like a gun range but a place for social gathering that is safe and upscale. Construction on the wall and soffit panels began in February 2012 and finished in March 2013. Athena Gun Club officially opened in October 2013.

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