Case Study

MBCI’s online ordering website is making it easier to quote, order, and build—anytime, anywhere. When MBCI’s high-volume customer, Pinnacle Structures, needed to streamline its ordering process, the Pinnacle purchasing team turned to—MBCI’s automated online ordering portal designed with the intent of simplifying the cumbersome task of getting quotes, placing repeat orders and manually tracking invoices for metal roof and wall panels, trim and accessories.

In business since 1994, Pinnacle Structures, Inc., located in Cabot, Arkansas, prides itself on providing high-quality pre-engineered building systems from drawing to delivery. As such, the company, which orders millions of parts annually, relies on its partner relationships to provide accurate quotes and fast turnaround on orders for its agricultural, commercial, industrial and residential clients.


Pinnacle Structures needed to find a way to more easily and efficiently enter approximately 10 purchase orders a week and track their status. Additionally, in order to stay competitive and support its own business, Pinnacle was also looking for additional discounts to give its sales force greater flexibility in pricing for their customers.


According to Shelby Shipman, MBCI’s e-commerce manager, the online portal serves four main objectives for customers: Build accurate quotes in minutes; create and place orders online anytime using any device; check quote and order status; and easily manage company account.

To achieve these goals, Pinnacle Structures’ order entry administrators started using MBCI’s online ordering portal in November 2018. Purchasing Manager Jennifer Vest and Purchasing Agent Amanda Nichols, who handle every order, had traditionally needed to take the time to look up individual products, find pricing, contact their rep, and then wait for a reply to confirm the order went through. Now, the process has been largely automated.

When their MBCI rep first approached Jordan Carlisle, Vice President of Pinnacle Structures, with an opportunity for his team to use this online solution, Pinnacle came onboard with little to no reservations, acknowledging the support they have always received from their MBCI reps. Jennifer recalls, “Our dedicated salesperson gave us an online tutorial of how to use the platform. It’s easy and saves us time. We don’t have to send in purchase orders anymore. We can order everything on our own. And if there are any questions about a product or pricing, we can just email our rep.” Amanda adds, “A confirmation is generated right away so we know the order went through. There’s really no downside. Plus, we’re saving 2 percent on every order.”

Jennifer further notes, “I have the link saved in my favorites and I can just log in really quickly; and if I already know the part number, I can just plug it in and have that order done in a couple of minutes or less.”

Shelby provides further details on the many benefits that MBCI’s online ordering website has to offer. For one, he explains, “Customers like Pinnacle can set individual specifications, add multiple lengths, and even select custom options without ever having to leave the page. Plus, they can access instant price quotes right from the individualized dashboard. This is a great advantage for them, particularly with the frequency of orders they place.

Other benefits include the ability to quickly find products and pertinent information. Additionally, a robust cache of administrative tools enables customers to assign permissions, designate purchasers, and manage customers within a company’s sales team allowing busy companies like Pinnacle Structures to spend less time on paperwork and more time supporting and building their own business.”


Quote. Order. Build. It’s that easy. The bottom line for Pinnacle Structures has been a faster, more efficient ordering process that is helping to support their business.

“The online ordering platform has been quite the tool for Pinnacle,” says Jordan. “We’ve experienced its effects going straight to the bottom line from the associated discounts, which also make us more competitive in the marketplace. The improved quote turnaround correlates directly with ours, while also assisting with error prevention from immediate acknowledgements, one of the main fundamentals we pride ourselves on.”

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