Top four reasons to attend trade shows

Trade Show BoothWith phone calls and emails growingly replacing client visits, I think it’s important not to lose sight of the benefits of face-to-face interactions in the business space. With METALCON, a trade show for metal construction products, technologies and solutions, less than a month away (October 14-16 to be exact), I thought it’d be relevant to discuss the top reasons why trade shows are productive for businesses and, specifically, why you should attend METALCON in Tampa, Florida, this year.

Not to jeopardize our audience, I would like to be forthcoming; as a title sponsor at METALCON we have vested interest in driving traffic to the show. That being said, we would not invest in a title sponsorship if we did not wholly support and value meeting and seeing our colleagues and customers in this forum.

  1. Educational opportunities. Although trade shows are widely known as a space for companies to display and educate audiences on their product line, they also provide additional educational offerings on industry challenges and trends. At METALCON, for instance, they offer an entire lineup of relevant courses taught by industry experts to help strengthen your business and two free Learning Zones that host brief, 15-minute sessions that cover topics on roofing details, field techniques and product applications. To view METALCON’s full course schedule, click here.
  1. Putting a face with a name. Trade shows are a forum for customers and sales representatives to interact directly and learn about one another. According to David Brock of Partners in Excellence, “When you know who the customer–the individual—is, what she looks like, what he’s responsible for, how our products help her do her job, the relationship changes.  It’s not a faceless entity, but an individual trying to do his or her job, trying to achieve their goals, trying to reach their dreams–and they need our products to do this.” This personalization deepens the business relationship and improves future communications.
  1. Network and exchange ideas. Aside from interacting with potential and current suppliers, trade shows welcome engagement between colleagues and business peers beyond the show floor. Receptions, such as METALCON’s 25th Anniversary event, frequently follow exhibiting hours daily and give attendees a more relaxed environment to meet others, exchange ideas and form business contacts. In a room full of individuals with shared interests, who knows what brilliant ideas might be born on the back of a cocktail napkin?
  1. Informed purchasing. 81 percent of trade show attendees have buying authority, according to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research. Trade shows bring the latest in product developments, technology advancements and industry trends to you. Housed in one location, attendees can compare the competition directly and formulate educated purchasing decisions based on their findings. With four out of five attendees seeking products or services, the takeaway could save time and provide clarity when selecting suppliers. Click here to view the full list of 252 exhibitors at METALCON.

If the above peaked your interest and you would like to attend METALCON for FREE as our guest click here to register and be automatically entered to win a prize at the show.

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