Metal Roofing Toughs Out the Storm

Did you know that roof failures are the largest hurricane loss due to wind and water damage? Metal roofing is highly recommended for the locations that deal with hurricanes and high force winds as well as other weather conditions including hail, fire and ice. Metal roof panels from MBCI are designed to meet the unique needs of Florida home and business owners.

Able to resist and withstand the extreme environmental conditions that Florida is known for, MBCI’s metal wall panels and roofing systems offer better long-term cost benefits and lasting up to three times longer than asphalt shingles. With Miami-Dade County’s strict product approval and testing processes in place, you can have peace of mind that metal panels from MBCI meet requirements.

MBCI’s standing seam metal roof systems are one of the most durable and weathertight roof systems available in the industry.

Miami-Dade County Approvals

In order for your metal panels to be compliant for structures in Miami-Dade County, all panels for both roof and walls are tested to specific test standards. In addition to submitting an application, test reports are also required to move forward with the approval process. Third-party testing is required for verification.

Metal Building Panel Approval Process

Prior to submitting a metal building for approval, multiple steps must be taken to configure and test your panels. Each unique panel configuration requires its own testing.

Approval for a product is based on one profile, one gauge and several spans. The design pressures can be used in the field, corners and perimeters or interior and end zones. If a panel manufacturer offers the same panel profile in a thicker gauge, that material can be included in the approval, but they will be limited to the design pressure of the thinner gauge. Three samples of each configuration must be tested and differ no more than 20% when results are determined. The end goal of testing is to determine design loads for the panel system at a specific span.

There are separate requirements for the testing and approval of structural steel members and frames.

Why Install MBCI Metal Panels

  • UL 580 Class 90 Wind Uplift Resistance
  • Designed for Florida
  • UL Class 4 Hail Impact Resistant
  • Class A Fire Ratings
  • ENERGY STAR® Certified Colors
  • Miami-Dade County Approved
  • Insurance Discounts Available

Miami-Dade County Approved Panels

Florida has implemented stricter building codes to help prevent hurricanes and wind loss. Some of the toughest codes include Miami-Dade County and Florida Building Code. MBCI offers a wide selection of products that surpass the necessary ratings. Our Miami-Dade approved panels include PBR, 5V Crimp, Craftsman™ Series – Small Batten, DoubleLok®, CFR and most insulated metal panels. For more information on MBCI’s metal roofing and wall products, speak to your sales representative or visit our website at

Quality Control Accreditation Programs for Metal Roofing Products

Performance-based building product testing and accreditation is a critical piece of just about every aspect of construction—affecting everyone from the manufacturer to the installer and ultimately to the owner and occupant. These certifications ensure real-world property loss will be prevented and provides protection when certified products are installed correctly.

With roofing being such a vital part of any building project, roofing manufacturers must take certifications for roofing products (in this case, metal roofing products) very seriously. Below, we’ll give a brief overview of the main certifications that we—and other metal roofing companies—test to and are audited for in order for the overseeing bodies to confirm that we’re producing what we’re testing it to. In the simplest terms, these specifications, such as UL or FM, will give the contractor peace of mind that he or she can provide what is spec’d.

At MBCI, we have several certifications through which we have ratings. These include:

1. UL (Underwriters Laboratories).

UL certifies roofing materials and roof assemblies for fire performance, hail resistance and/or resistance to wind uplift. Roof deck assemblies are investigated for performance under internal fire exposures and for uplift resistance. MBCI does a good deal of testing and we have UL constructions for many of our roofing products. We get the UL construction number, impact ratings and fire ratings. UL does quarterly audits in the manufacturing areas to make sure that we’re producing the panels the way we test.

2. IAS (International Accreditation Service) certification.

IAS accreditation programs are based on recognized national and international standards that ensure acceptance of its accreditations. To meet this standard, MBCI is “Part B” of the process, as we are responsible for the components. The auditor comes in to certify that we do what we say we do. Once IAS accreditation requirements are met, the company receives a certificate of accreditation.

3. FM (Factory Mutual) approvals.

MBCI has three roofing products that are FM approved for wind uplift standards, hail resistance, internal and external fire ratings. For each, we test the product and FM comes out yearly to do an audit.

This is an example of FM wind uplift testing.

4. Dade County roofing product approvals.

Miami-Dade and Broward Counties are classified as High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ), which are rated as 150 mph plus winds. It is Florida’s highest rating. An updated testing approval process has been instituted for building products and materials used in these counties. The purpose is to mitigate damage caused by wind-borne debris resulting from hurricane-force winds. MBCI does testing and this stringent certification is applicable for anything that ships into Dade County or Broward County in Florida. Product Notice of Acceptance can be located on the Miami-Dade website for roof and wall panel systems that are Dade County approved.

Safety and performance are the most important goals. All in all, these certifications ensure that we, the manufacturer, are doing our job and that customers are getting everything they’re paying for. For more information on MBCI’s product testing, please contact a sales representative.

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