What Sets MBCI Apart

Building. Relationships. The MBCI Difference.

The core of what we do at MBCI seems straightforward. As 32-year MBCI veteran Bruce Green put it, “We buy coiled steel and roll form it into metal building components for the construction industry.” While that is the core of what MBCI does, it isn’t the essence of who we are. Roll forming is simple. The MBCI secret is more complex: We don’t just build. We build relationships.

“It’s not about selling that project,” says Green, “It’s about developing the relationship, being there to help educate about trends, different codes or ways that you can do this better, faster and more efficiently.”

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The Start of Something Beautiful

Imagine you’ve launched a metal building company. You have your engineering department and a source for structural parts, but you need everything else. It’s a real puzzle. At this point, an MBCI representative like Green would introduce themselves and get to know you and your vision. Whether it’s box buildings, mini storage, large, complicated, high-end warehouses, or anything in-between, your representative would work with you to bring your vision into fruition by forecasting week-by-week sales, nailing down the supply chain specifics and conceiving a plan to make it all possible. “That’s how we built the business. Taking care of contractors,” says Green.

And that’s just the beginning of your relationship. Your MBCI representative takes the time to understand not just your immediate goals, but your long-term vision – not just what your business is but what it could be. Because as an MBCI partner, your business can become so much more.

How? Because MBCI backs up our relationship with the largest, fastest, most diverse and most reliable nationwide network of metal component manufacturers.

Thinking Bigger

MBCI operates plants all over the United States. That means your business – which may have initially been imagined as a local company – has the distribution network in place to expand nationwide, while maintaining the schedules, delivery expectations and quality MBCI has built its reputation on. “Nobody has as many plants across the nation,” says Green. “No one has a more extensive product line. No one can deliver metal building components as efficiently and consistently as we can. That’s the way we built it.”

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Key Relationships

MBCI’s reach stretches from coast to coast, but that great reach always includes touch points close at hand. Your primary touch point is your regional district manager. This is the supply chain expert who works with you to build the machine of your business and keep it running smoothly. It’s also the person to call on if any issues or complications arise. Rest assured knowing you have a direct connection to a real human who is dead set on making it right.

Once the program is created, you’ll have another touch point – the customer service representative. This is your day-to-day operations person with whom you place orders and determine specifics like delivery dates and locations.

Service Suited to You

Ordering and delivering material is just the bare bones of the business. The real meat is in the relationship – one that’s tailor-made to fit whatever level of service you need. If you prefer to send in a simple list of what you need, we’ll make it happen. But many clients want something more, and we’re happy to provide that. Green says, “If you called me right now wanting a complete metal building delivered to your address, knocked down and ready to set it up, I can make that happen. Or if you only need a portion of it – whatever you need, we can take care of.”

The service doesn’t end with your project, either. If you discover a leak or a problem with the building, MBCI will send out a specialist to walk the site, figure it out and help rectify it. In addition, we have people to answer your tax questions. We have a technical desk for questions. We even offer professional continuing education courses on topics like metal roofs, warranties and weather tightness. In short, we want to be your trusted resource for every aspect of the process.

MBCI is behind you every step of the way – even in catastrophic conditions. In fact, we operate a hurricane test chamber in Houston where MBCI buildings and components are subjected to hurricane-force winds to identify failure points. Based on the results, clips or fastener attachments are tweaked, or the panel shape is modified depending on where and how the failure occurred. This rigorous testing ensures MBCI products meet all new building codes.

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Driving Changes

Sometimes codes aren’t what drive changes. As Green explains, “Some of it is driven by aesthetics. You might get into a municipality where they say, ‘We don’t want that typical metal building look in our town.’ So, we come up with a different wall panel.” We’ve done it before and we’re not afraid to tackle it again. That’s what it means to be a partner in the business.

Green sums it up nicely: “When I started out, I was dealing with a guy, and then he retired. Then I dealt with his son. Now he’s retired and I’m dealing with his son. It’s all about the relationship.” We believe long-term, genuine relationships like these are the foundation of good business. It’s might be easy to get distracted by flashy promises or fleeting trends, but at MBCI, we like to think not only how we can help you succeed right now – but how we can help you succeed for generations to come.

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