Video Transcript

A R Ginn: I think MBCI has a great history in the construction industry. We were working at another company and it was a big conglomerate. I’m a big believer in employees having great benefits. I wanted a safe place for everybody to work and that was the vision. We came up with the idea to start a company. We opened July 12, 1976. We didn’t set out to be the biggest in the industry. We tried to be the best.

When we started, we were primarily dealing with smaller customers. One day I just had an idea of how we could service those large customers. That idea put us in the trucking business. I think that was a defining moment in the history of MBCI because when we took care of their business properly, it helped us to gain momentum and grow the product lines and so on and so forth.

Bill Coleman: It goes beyond our products and our service in establishing genuine relationships with our customers that have led to our longevity.

Norm Chambers: We create great building solutions every day. It’s the purpose under which all our companies live. Without great customers, we would not have a business.

MBCI has always set and continues to set the standard for our commitment to our customers’ success.

Bill Coleman: Our core values are unwavering commitment to excellence, personal responsibility and creating an exceptional customer experience. These will remain the foundation of our organisation for the future.

A R Ginn: I think what differentiated MBCI from our competitors was the respect that we had for the employees and then the way the employees, in turn, handled the customers.

Norm Chambers: We do what we say we are going to do. We go above and beyond to try and make sure that our customers are successful and create lasting relationships as a result.

A R Ginn: When you go from being the little guy to the biggest guy, how can you change anything?

If I can say something important to MBCI, I think I’d tell them that if you like what you’re doing, continue to do it and be passionate about it and try to grow with the company.

Bill Coleman: To our employees, thank you for making MBCI a great place to work. For embracing our culture and for your enthusiasm in creating great building solutions everyday. Thank you to our customers for the confidence and trust in our ability to perform and for being a fantastic partner for us over the past 40 years.

A R Ginn: It’s been a good 40 years. I’m just thankful we were able to start a company and grow a company and employees could grow with us.

Norm Chambers: As we speak, MBCI is changing the future of our industry by virtue of our investment in process improvement and technology. This enhances our ability to better serve our customers via the web and social media.

Bill Coleman: We’re excited about our future and look forward to leveraging our knowledge and experience gained in the last forty years to create a stronger and brighter future for years to come.

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