Video Transcript

Ashley: Hi, I’m Ashley Casper with MBCI, here with Richard Ham. This week we’re at AIA, talking about how to choose the right standing seam metal roof panel for your next project’s design. While standing seam metal roof systems can be one of the most durable and weather-tight roof systems in the industry, it’s important for you to know the details and application.

Richard: In basic terms, there are four different types of standing seam: a double lock seam, a symmetrical seam, a one-piece snap-lock and a two-piece snap-lock. Knowing which style is best suited for your situation will help ensure a successful installation. Here we have the double lock roof system. It is a true double lock and sealed seam. If you have a roof slope of one-half on twelve, you may use this panel. Additionally, it is well suited for areas with high ice and snow. It’s imperative to recognize complicated design conditions. Regardless of the roof’s slope, these conditions include roof curves, offset ridges, offset eaves and offset parapets.

Ashley: To learn more about the different types of standing seam panels, along with their various capabilities and design parameters, visit us online and take MBCI’s AIA-accredited continuing education course, Standing Seam Metal Roofing, available at metalinstitute.

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