Weathering the Cold: How To Protect Metal Roof Panels in Cold Climates White Paper

By: Randy Tweedt and Jason Allen

A number of factors go into optimizing metal panels in such conditions. Proper design at the outset, for example, is necessary to avoid drift zones and/or hot spots and cold spots within the roof system where water can freeze and thaw causing ice buildup. Additionally, roofs should be inspected prior to the winter season so issues that may be present on the roof can be addressed before it becomes a problem during cold weather months when snow and ice accumulate on the roof.

While properly designed metal roofs historically perform well in winter, heavy snowfall can be detrimental to buildings of all kinds. Those who live and work in and around them are also at risk when snow and ice cause dangerous situations.

Here we’ll identify a few of the key conditions, cold-climate scenarios and considerations that can affect the performance of metal roofs and walls, and examine the steps you can take to mitigate any potential negative effects in snow- and ice-prone areas.


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