Guidelines for Selecting the Right Roof Panel for Your Project

By: Jason Allen and Randy Tweedt

While the variety of metal roof panels offers an option for just about any project, that same breadth of choices can also be overwhelming. One of the main questions metal roof panel manufacturers get from customers is “How do I select the right panel?” The answer can generally be found by examining the properties of the roof, the region and climate, geometry, slope…among other factors. Here we will provide a basic overview of what information to be armed with when determining the best roof panel for the job. Oftentimes, it is a process of elimination based on a set of criteria to find the right match.

Determining Factors

1. Slope is the first consideration as just this one aspect will eliminate certain panels, thereby making it easier to narrow down options right from the start. The two types of roof slopes are low slope and steep slope.

A low-slope roof, commonly found in commercial applications, is one whose slope is less than 3:12. There are several benefits of a low slope roof. They have a simpler geometry that is often much less expensive to construct, and low slope roofs require fewer materials than a steep slope, which reduces material costs. Commercial roofs are typically low slope (less than a 3:12 slope), and larger than residential roofs. This is due to low slope roofs being a bit easier to build on large structures.


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