Video Transcript

Ashley Harper: Hi I’m Ashley Harper with MBCI. Here with Shelby Shipman, manager of online sales. We’re here this week at IRE discussing tips for installing Retro-R® over your existing R-Panel, making it the lowest cost solution for recovering an existing roof or wall system.

Shelby: MBCI’s Retro-R® Panel requires very little preparation to the existing R-Panel roof. Simply remove fasteners, remove perimeter trims and roof top units. Apply the new panel replacing fasteners and trim as needed for a complete installation. Additional benefits to this panel include a membrane applied to the back of the panel to stop rust from transferring from the existing roof to the bottom side of the new panel.

Ashley: So if you’re looking for a low-cost solution to give your existing roof a new look, then this through fastened, Retro-R® panel is the right choice for you. Visit us online at to view product specifications and related documents about this unique panel.

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