Color Guard Snow Retention

The ColorGard Snow Retention accessory system is designed to reduce the risk of rooftop avalanches and the buckling of snow. The system catches and holds snow while allowing it to leave the roof slowly either by small amounts of snow at a time or as melted water. Snow Retention is available for MBCI’s Ultra-Dek®, Double-Lok®, SuperLok® and BattenLok® HS systems.


•: Constructed to bear the weight of snowfall to prevent the possible damage or injury which can result from avalanches or roof cave-ins.

•: Utilizes a strip from the actual roof for a perfect color match with metal panels.

•: Penetration-free clamp attachment technology preserves the roof warranty.

Applications: Roof

Engineering: System must be properly engineered.

MBCI's Applicable Panels: Ultra-Dek®, Double-Lok®, SuperLok® and BattenLok® HS

Minimum 1/4:12: Ultra-Dek® and Double-Lok®

Minimum 1/2:12: SuperLok® and BattenLok® HS

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