February 19, 2016


by Amy Crenan

Designed and owned by Raj and Asit Parikh, the “Zenesis House” is heated and cooled by an intricate geothermal system. It collects rainwater, heats or cools the water using a solar thermal system, and distributes the temperature-controlled water through pipes that run under the drive and walkways, as well as the floors and ceilings.

With this system in place, the Parikh’s enjoy on average $2-3 energy bills per month. The home features solar panels that were installed upon MBCI’s eco-FICIENT® Insulated BattenLok metal roof panels, and the walls are eco-FICIENT 7.2 panels. The insulated metal roof and wall panels feature concealed clips to provide continuous insulation and eliminate thermal bridges.

“The key with Zenesis House is we wanted to not buy a boiler, not buy an air conditioning system, not buy a hot water heater and do everything with the earth and sun,” Asit Parikh said [pix11.com].

Raj Parikh is a Principal of Metropolitan Building Consulting Group, PLLC, in New York City. The Zenesis House was constructed by their sister company, Zenesis Design Build in New Jersey.

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