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  • Insulated Roof Panels

    MBCI offers three distinctive insulated roof panels: Insulated BattenLok®, LS-36™ and CFR.

  • Insulated Roof Panels

    MBCI's insulated metal roof panels consist of our two most popular single-skin metal panels and a foamed-in-place core. They combine excellent structural capacity with superior insulation and air/water barrier performance, are custom engineered to project requirements and are produced in a factory controlled environment. The foam insulation is made of non-chlorofluorocarbon (non-CFC) polyurethane foam. Their closed cell structure and nominal density of 2.2 pounds per cubic foot allows for increased R-values of up to 7.57* per inch of insulation. It also prevents the foam from absorbing water and allows it to be insect and rodent resistant.

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  • Insulated Metal Panel Advantages

    • Improved Thermal Performance
    • Reduced Building Operational Expenses
    • Quick and Easy Installation
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