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Tuff Wall® and Tuff-Cast™

Tuff Wall® and Tuff-Cast™ provide the insulating capabilities of an insulated metal panel while offering a unique exterior façade.

Tuff Wall® and Tuff-Cast™

The Tuff Wall® and Tuff-Cast™ panels are designed for exterior applications where an aggregate look is preferred. The exterior skin of the panel is embossed flat, while the interior skin has the embossed Light Mesa profile.

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Product Information

Product Information

The exterior skin of the Tuff Wall® and Tuff-Cast™ panels is embossed flat. Tuff Wall® has a finish similar to stucco, providing the masonry look many designers and communities desire. The Tuff-Cast™ exterior is finished with look of precast concrete. These panels were formerly known as eco-FICIENT® StoneWall.


  • Width - 36", 42"
  • Panel Attachment - Concealed Fastening System
  • Exterior Gauges - 24 (standard); 22 (optional)
  • Interior Gauges - 26 (standard); 24, 22 (optional)
  • Exterior Finishes - Tuff Wall®, Tuff-Cast™
  • Interior Finishes - Embossed, Light Mesa Profile
  • Exterior Coatings - Applied Finishes
  • Interior Coatings - Igloo White (standard); Non-standard colors are also available for this panel
  • Thickness - 2", 2½", 3", 4"
  • Length - Recommended maximum is 38'
  • R-Value varies up to 8.5/inch of panel thickness at 40°F mean temperature
  • Orientation - Vertical or horizontal

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