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  • Insulated Roof Panels

    MBCI offers two insulated metal roof panels: CFR and LS-36™.

  • Insulated Metal Roof Panels

    MBCI’s energy efficient insulated metal panel manufacturing capabilities are one of the most technologically advanced in North America, guaranteeing that our customers will receive products that exceed their expectations. Our eco-friendly metal panels are available in wall panel profiles, both vertical and horizontal, and roof panel profiles. They come in a variety of panel thicknesses and widths, giving you a number of options from which to choose. The wide array of thicknesses offers unparalleled energy efficiency that can be custom-tailored to a project’s specific needs. There are many incentives for going green with our insulated metal roof panels, including the possibility of federal, state and/or local tax incentives if the building construction meets certain energy efficient requirements. Consult your personal tax advisor to determine if you qualify for these incentives.

  • Meeting Thermal Performance and Controlling Air & Moisture

    With insulated metal roofing and wall panels, a building team can achieve needed energy performance levels, providing a continuous blanket of protection.

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  • Sustainable Benefits

    • Mitigate thermal bridging & drift
    • Help to meet LEED & green building standards
    • Virtually 100% recyclable
    • Skins made of 25% to 35% recycled material
    • Qualify as Continuous Insulation (ci)
    • Function as Continuous Air Barriers (CABs) due to self-sealing side joints & impermeable skins
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