February 25, 2019



When a metal building or metal roofing project is being developed, it all starts with a design by an architect or engineer that may be rather standard, very custom, or somewhere in between. At some point a price for the metal portion of that design is requested from the contractor (i.e. an erector or sub-contractor to a general contractor) and of course that means turning to the metal building or roofing manufacturer for help.  Toward that end, MBCI offers a complete range of project services designed to streamline everything that needs to happen next in order to genuinely make life much easier for the contractor.

Project Services Part

What are these services? Essentially, there are four:

  • Estimating and price quoting services for public or private bids
  • Engineering services for the metal building systems involved
  • Drafting services for creation of shop drawings and erection drawings
  • Overall project management of all of the above plus coordination of production, shipping, and delivery.

The key to the success of these services is the assignment of a project manager who acts as the single point of contact between the contractor and the manufacturer throughout the entire project. Having a relationship with a metal building manufacturer who can assign such a project manager right up front is a huge benefit to the contractor. Here’s how the process might work in a standard project:

Cost Quote: The project manager will use the architectural drawings (submitted by the contractor) to have the project services team generate a lump sum price. That price is limited specifically to the metal building or roofing package with a clear description of what is included and what is not. That allows the contractor to develop the remaining costs for labor and equipment to erect the metal building along with any separate project costs as appropriate.

Detailed Drawings: Assuming the contractor is selected to proceed with the work, then an agreement on full project services can be made. Based on the architectural and/or engineering drawings, the project manager will then arrange for the detailed shop drawings to be prepared (including engineering stamp or seal if needed) so they can be submitted to the architect for review and approval. Note, that this will be a requirement of the manufacturer as well since they will not do take-offs from other people’s drawings for their manufactured systems. The shop drawings will notate all of the required components necessary to install and MBCI will order plus deliver all items required upon request/approval.

Scheduling and Production: Once all of the drawings are approved, then a full production schedule can be prepared with delivery dates identified. The project manager will oversee and coordinate the various people involved to see that things are progressing as planned and intervene as needed if any changes come up from the architect, owner, contractor, or manufacturer.

Delivery and Installation: When ready, the metal building package can be prepared and delivered according to the contractor’s schedule. Full erection drawings will be included which have enough detail that they are a virtual “instruction manual” for putting the building together.

That’s the typical process. In our next blog post, we will discuss the many reasons that contractors are taking advantage of these project services to save them time, money, and hassle. In the meantime, to find out more about how to successfully work together with MBCI, contact your local MBCI representative.

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