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August 17, 2022


by kbuchinger

Metal buildings that have been around along time and likely in need of a retrofit of both the walls and roof. If the building’s walls are an R or U panel then retrofitting is an easy and cost-effective solution  to make the building look brand new. And, if the roof is an R panel, it too can be retrofitted quickly without removing the existing metal roof panels from the building.

To retrofit the walls without removing the existing R panels, you can add hat channels and then install a new panel, or you can simply install MBCI’s NuWall retrofit panel directly over the existing R or U panels.

An Existing U panel wall in need of retrofitting

NuWall panels are 12” on center and are installed to the existing girts with hidden fasteners, eliminating the need for removal of the existing wall panels or adding hats to the walls before installing new panels.

NuWall panels installed over the existing U panel with new trim added around window and door openings

The NuWall panels provide an aesthetic upgrade to the building’s appearance without interrupting business inside the building. The NuWall retrofit panel is easy to install, is fully engineered, and comes with an easy-to-follow installation manual.

Retro-R Roofing Panels

If you have an R panel roof in need of replacement, the MBCI Retro-R panel is a very good option. The Retro-R roofing panel can be installed directly over the existing R panel without having to remove the fasteners attaching the panels to the purlins. The lap fasteners do have to be removed, however. The Retro-R roofing panels have a foam backer on the bottom side of the panels to prevent any rust that is present on the existing R panels from spreading to the new Retro-R panels.

foam backer on the bottom of the Retro-R panels protects them from the rust on the existing R panels
The configuration of the Retro-R corrugations eliminates the need to remove the existing R panel fasteners

A complete array of complementary trim, die-formed ridge caps and other accessories is available for use with this panel along with an installation manual. Complete engineering information is also available.

As you can see, using NuWall and Retro-R, it is quite easy to quickly give an old, tired-looking building a new, updated look at a very attractive price. For inquiries on these products and how they may benefit your building project, contact us today!


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