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Jul 20, 2020 Back to News

Automated Load Date Communications

To improve order visibility and communication, MBCI is excited to launch an automated load date communication program to our customers. The communication workflow is as follows:

Once your order is booked, you will receive an email confirming your order. No action is needed by you at this time. Five days prior to the order’s load date, another email is sent notifying you of the manufacturing plant and the load date. You will be instructed to click on the icon and either confirm your load date or request a new one.

  • If you request a new one, a Customer Service Representative will get a notification and they will reach out to you to schedule a new load date. Once it is rescheduled, you will receive a new series of emails based on the new load date.
  • If the load date is confirmed, our shipping department will receive a notification and will send you a final email with day and approximate delivery time. No additional action is required. If you do not confirm your load date, you will continue to get an email each day until you confirm. This continues up to the day it loads.
  • If no action is taken on the emails, shipping will call the customer in a last attempt to confirm delivery. AT NO TIME during this process are you at risk of not getting a delivery because you did not respond to the emails. You will only be at risk if you do not respond to the phone call, which aligns with our usual process.
This new process supports our commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience and providing improved communication for the delivery or pick-up of your order. Please ask your Customer Service Representative for more details.


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