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CF45 Partition Wall

Used for interior wall and ceiling applications in commercial and industrial spaces.

CF45 Partition Wall

The CF45 Partition Wall panel is is the optimal choice for interior partitions and interior ceilings. The interior and exterior panel faces are identical images with the same profile for each.


Product Information

Product Information

Both sides of the CF45 Partition Wall panel feature an identical Mesa profile with stucco-embossing, providing a smooth appearance. This panel is not to be used for the building envelope. The CF45 Partition panel was formerly known as the eco-FICIENT® Interior Partition panel.


  • Width - 44 1/2"
  • Panel Attachment - Through-fastened with interlocking tongue-and-groove
  • Exterior Gauges - 26, 24, 22 (standard)
  • Interior Gauges - 26, 24, 22 (standard)
  • Exterior Finishes - Stucco-embossed, Mesa Profile
  • Interior Finishes - Stucco-embossed, Mesa Profile
  • Exterior Coating - Igloo White
  • Interior Coating - Igloo White
  • Thickness - 2", 2 1/2", 2 3/4", 3", 4", 5", 6"
  • Lengths - 8'-0" to 52'-0" for vertical embossed; 8'-0" to 40'-0" for vertical unembossed
  • R-Value - Refer to chart in data sheet
  • U-Factor - Refer to chart in data sheet
  • Orientation - Vertical or horizontal

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