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    MBCI offers one of the most in-depth Certified Installer Training programs in our industry. Click on the classes below to learn more about the course description, itinerary, requirements and registration.

IMP Certified Installer Class- CANCELLED

Dec 01, 2020

Houston, TX

We offer one of the most in-depth installer training programs in our industry through our sister company, Metl-Span. This course will be a one-day interactive seminar using a multimedia format along with small scale mockup showing the various standard details. Each participant int eh class will receive a Certificate of Completion for the Introduction to IMP Installation Training.

The one-day IMP training class covers handling, unloading, storage, preparation, required tools and sequence of installation. The focus is on keys to successful installation and continuity of thermal, moisture and air barriers.

The seminar is for  contractors who already have some experience in the installation of building envelope materials such as industrial and architectural sheet metal. The products covered are vertical industrial foam and mineral wool panels, CFR roof and introduction to architectural horizontal installations.

The one-day IMP training class is a prerequisite for the CFR and Horizontal Certification class.
    AM8:00 am - 12:00 pmClassroom
    PM1:00 pm - 5:00 pmClassroom

    For a PDF of the class agenda, please click the link below:

    Registration & Fees

    The cost per student is $50 paid in advance. Metl-Span will host lunch and provide the installer with take-away material on the installation methods along with a USB drive with all of the Metl-Span details installed.

    Full class payment per applicant is due with the original signed application upon registration.

    * Cancellation notices received three (3) business days prior to class start will be eligible for a full refund or rescheduling without additional fees. Cancellations inside of three (3) business days are subject to a minimum fee of $50 per individual. 

    For more information about this Certified Installer Training, please contact:

    Phone: 877.585.9969


    • 2021 Class Schedule Coming Soon


      Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our installer certification courses have been cancelled at all plant/office locations through September and could extend further. We will continue to update the website as such with upcoming class status. These cancellations are for the protection of our customers and staff as well as compliance with local restrictions and CDC guidelines in response to the pandemic.

      For installers that are in immediate need of Standing Seam Installer training / certification despite these class cancellations, please review the documents below or contact us to discuss options / alternatives via or 877-326-0485.

      SSR Installer Certification_COVID-19 Response

      SSR Installer Certification Program_Field Edition Summary

      2020 SSR Installer Certification Program Application_Field Edition_FORM

      For installers that are in immediate need of Insulated Metal Panel Installer training / certification despite these cancellations, please click here for options or contact us via or 877-585-9969.

      Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

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