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  • Community Applications

    If you’re designing a new building or a renovating one that’s more than a century old, our products are sure to meet your requirements.

  • Relevant Products

    Craftsman™ Series - High Batten

    The Craftsman™ Series is a snap-on batten roof system. The pan a...

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    snap-on concealed fastener roof system


    The simplicity of the Artisan® panel is its best design feature....

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    Metal Soffit Panel

    Curved BattenLok®

    The Curved BattenLok® profile is a water-shedding, curved standi...

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    Curved BattenLok 800x800

    MasterLine 16®

    The MasterLine 16® is a concealed fastener metal wall panel that...

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    FW-120 is commonly used for architectural, commercial and indust...

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  • Related Projects

    Riverside Park Water Reclamation Facility, Spokane...

    BattenLok® HS, Striated, 7.2 Insul-Rib™, 7.2 Panel

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    WRF 1

    East Texas Food Bank, Tyler, TX

    BattenLok® HS, Artisan®

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    ETFB 1

    Grantsville Justice Center, Grantsville, UT

    PBD, FW-120

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    Grantsville 1

    Bluffdale City Hall, Bluffdale, UT


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    Bluffdale 1

    Madison Fire Department, Madison, Idaho


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    Madison Fire Department_2