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Feb 10, 2020 Back to News

MBCI Develops New Clip to Improve FW-120 Panel Installation and Aesthetics

MBCI’s commitment to innovation extends across all areas of our business—including the components we manufacture. Effective immediately, our 24- and 22-gauge FW-120 architectural wall panels will feature a custom-developed clip that simplifies the installation process and reduces distortion of the FW-120 panel.

FW-120 Clip

Simplifying FW-120 Panel Installation
Prior to the development of this FW-120 clip, installation of MBCI’s FW-120 panel required installers to lift the panel and reach behind it to run the stitch fastener—a cumbersome and time-consuming process. This method put tension on the panels, positioning them at angles that could lead to panel distortion. Additionally, the risk of panel waviness and joint distortion was increased using this process as the screw used during stitch-fastening is often placed too close to the panel face.

MBCI’s FW-120 Clip Solution
The new FW-120 clip snaps onto the female leg of the FW-120 panel and then engages the male leg of the panel. This means no lifting is required during installation—speeding up the installation process by removing a fastener (stitch) and reducing the opportunity for the panel to become distorted.

While stitch-fastening is still an option for customers who prefer this method, the new FW-120 clips are now standard on 24- and 22- gauge FW-120 panels. The new clips are not available on 20-gauge FW-120 panels. Both options are available to order via phone, email, fax or online at For more details, please see the FW-120 product page on our website and review our FW-120 with Clip Installation Manual.

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