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  • Trapezoid Certification Training

  • Trapezoid Panel Certification Training

    Thank you for participating in the online version of our SSR Installer Certification in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

    This is the module for Trapezoid panel profiles: Ultra-Dek® and Double-Lok®.

    This is a self-guided and self-paced program. Click on each of the segments below to download class literature. Included will be additional instructions to complete the course.

    There is a test for the trapezoid panel profiles and an acknowledgement / responsibility statement sheet to be completed and submitted to the following email:

    Please note that although you are taking the course for only TRAPEZOID PANEL PROFILES you may notice some vertical rib panel information in the sections on General Installation, Roof Penetrations, Special Conditions and Weathertightness Warranties. This is due to the similarities of the SSR systems for general applications and some special conditions as far as literature used for both trapezoid panel and vertical ribs training segments. This is not an error in the downloaded files.

    After downloading the attachments, it is the users choice to print the manuals and view the presentations or print all the documents as they wish to complete the course. The test can be completed via the form or printed/scanned and returned. The TEST is OPEN BOOK…so be sure to have the test accessible as completing the course and use the literature provided to complete.

    The acknowledgment / responsibility statement sheet must accompany the test and be signed by the installer and a company sponsor/witness.

    Any questions, contact the Installer Certification Program: